I had the opportunity to participate in the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour event in Lima, Peru.  This INCREDIBLE event brought some of the top young entrepreneurs from the US and Peru to the University of Lima to help spread the entrepreneurial mindset during a full day, high-energy conference.

I presented on the concept of “Intrapreneurship” – essentially  the act of behaving like an entrepreneur, except within a larger organization like a corporation or governmental agency.  I’ll elaborate more on the concept in a future post – for now, take a look at my PREZI for a preview of the concept:



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  1. Thalia Martinez says:

    OmG..!! It’s wonderfull that you put the slides kon the internet C: now i can save it C: thabk you so much C:

    1. Brian says:

      You are welcome, Thalia 🙂

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