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  1. Mizanur says:

    The Evilness Level for Nokia has been raised from 62.8 to 76.4, that is 14 iptnos and close to the record raising, kept by Microsoft, but an additional declaration against ogg could have beaten them.Maemo was a step in the right direction. Fighting a format without restrictions or patents for any player is a movement against the consumer and possibly, a shoot in the foot. The declarations about DRM, SIM-locks and so on, is a call for the developers to work for free pushing the Nokia agenda without giving anything back and are utterly stupid. I am not giving up my principles and/or moral values around software. And I’m releasing all my future software as GPL3 to avoid Nokia tivoizing them.Uhm, and I believe that QT will turn BSD soon, because Nokia just does not understand FLOSS. You can release phones with python, tablets with Linux/Gnome, or even contribute to the Linux kernel, but if you ask us to swallow your DRM/SIM-lock pill, then you do not get it. As a matter of advice: Bright-Lines, hypervisors and locked kernel modes are movements against consumers and developers, and as such, will be hacked. We will encourage that. I will eat truckloads of assembly for it to happen.I buy phones because of features and discourage them because of restrictions. Nokia is doomed to failure.

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