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Forming World Class Entrepreneurs

Check out this 120 second video produced by my good friends at C.A.P.E.C.E – the Peruvian Chamber of Electronic Commerce.  I was honored to have been able to present to hundreds of Peru’s young entrepreneuers during the organization’s recent CRECE 2011 conference.

You don’t have to understand Spanish to get that this organization is doing exciting things.


Today’s Most Innovative (TMI) – How water bottles create cheap lighting in Philippines

The BBC is reporting that “…a  simple initiative in the Philippines is bringing a bit of brightness into the lives of the country’s poorest people. The project is called “Litre of Light”, and the technology involved is just a  plastic bottle filled with water.

Today’s Most Innovative (TMI) – A new spin on smartphone translators

I am on my way to present to a group of young entrepreneurs in Lima Peru next week so I have been brushing up on my Spanish language skills.

As it turns out – I didn’t need to.  I could have simply tried Vocre [voh-krey].  This new translation app from myLanguage allows anyone to communicate instantly with anybody from anywhere – without language being a barrier.

This is true innovation at its finest !



Smartphone Innovation


These aren’t actual iPhone 5 features, but WOW – this short video highlights some great features that we will likely see within the next few years.  Talk about innovation !!